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    A Historic building Survey is the top of the range survey giving clients informed knowledge and reducing the risk associated with purchase... read more

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    The Country House has been an evolving subject since the sixteenth century, when for the first time, defence was not the primary concern for the design and location of a principal house. ... read more

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    For anyone buying a listed building they need to know about issues relating to the listing as these can have future financial implications as well as the condition of the property... read more

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    Properties which are not listed, generally describe as Period Property Surveys reflecting the vast array of different types and styles of houses in the UK together with the various influences on designs and factors... read more

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Mr & Mrs J-P, Bedfordshire
"Again many thanks for your report, probably the best money we will ever spend."


Mrs. B-G - London
"Had we proceeded with the purchase of "_ _ _ _ Farm", without the benefit of your report it would have been the most costliest mistake of our lives" I think we have had a very lucky escape, but were very fortunate to have found you"


Dr. A. B - West Yorkshire
"I would also like to add that the very experienced local solicitor we are using, was extremely impressed by your survey. I think that takes some doing and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends".


Mr. G. W. - Durham
"Your enthusiasm for historic buildings is plain to see. It must be very rewarding doing something that you clearly enjoy doing"


Mr.0 B - Warwickshire
"When we instructed you to undertake the survey it was on the basis that your services were not the cheapest quotation that we had obtained. However, based upon your very detailed report we have been able to negotiate a very considerable reduction in the price we had provisionally agreed upon. I can say that the cost of your services has proved to be exceptional value for money and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services"


Mr. DC -Sussex
"I'm delighted to confirm that we triumphed in the contract race, our solicitor eventually exchanging contracts late yesterday afternoon after some hard negotiation assisted very greatly by your very detailed historic building survey"


Mr. A W - Warwickshire
"I had been struggling with the Listed Building issues and for a period of 4 months was getting nowhere with the vendors and conservation Officer. When you came along it was like a breath of fresh air, you not only had a clear understanding of the issues involved but were able to progress matters to a swift and satisfactory conclusion".


Mr. & Mrs. W - Kent
"As we are both solicitors we pay a great deal of attention to detail in our work and really appreciated the thoroughness of your report which was presented in a most professional manner but in a format that was easy to follow. Your knowledge of historic buildings is matched by your passion for your work".


Mr. A B - Sheffield
"Just to let you know that we have withdrawn from the sale after much heart searching but have taken on board your recommendations. We now accept that the price is too high particularly since the extent of the work you have highlighted is greater than we anticipated. Also, your comments regarding the wider market issues relating to the location are very relevant and this was something that we had not considered"


Mr. AS - York
"Thank you for your very detailed survey report which has confirmed my initial fears that the quality of refurbishment is limited. Clearly, the developer has provided luxury bathrooms and kitchen in order to cover over fundamental issues which have not been dealt with. I suspect that because of where the property is located, someone will buy near to the asking price and will have problems later as you allude to in your report"