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In 2011, I once again I reaffirmed my position as a leading independent surveyor undertaking period house surveys throughout the length and breadth of the Country. My aim is to provide clients with added value to assist and guide them through the purchasing process. In providing added value, I combine 35 years expertise to inform clients of the historical development and evolution of the property together with the current condition and repairs likely to be required.

My survey reports are detailed, individually prepared and considered, in order to provide the maximum level of information for the benefit of my clients. Many period properties are listed and with this comes added responsibilities and issues associated with conservation and repairs. Very often unlawful and or ill-considered works have been carried out by the vendor, or previous owners and these have consequences on potential future liabilities.

I work on the basis of providing quality rather than quantity and thus I limited my surveys to a maximum of only 3 per week depending upon the size of the property and location.

Many of the properties that I look at are within the Home Counties but equally, I'm happy to look at historic farmhouses throughout the Country as well as Country Houses, Cottages and Town Houses of all periods. In 2011 my work took me to almost every County in the Country as well as looking at a number of historically listed farmhouses in Wales including within National parks. Also last year I looked at a number of specialty buildings such as converted Water Mills and barn conversions.

By being able to analyse the historical development of a property this provides the client with much more information about the property both in terms of historical background and condition/repairing liabilities This can assist in future discussions with the local planning authority, as very often detailed assessments of the history of a property are required before applications for listed building consent or planning applications are validated.